Macon 4 Rent LLC
Macon 4 Rent LLC

About Us

Our company was founded in 2003 with the goal of providing housing to low income and middle class families.  We look for homes similar to those we grew up in and live in. We stress the importance of maintenance by our staff, independent contractors and our tenants. 


We have a long history working with the Macon Housing Authority to provide houses to tenants with Section 8 assistance and are proud of the reputation we have in the section 8 community for providing comfortable well maintained homes.  

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We DO NOT have a physical office.

Mailing address and drop off:
Macon 4 Rent LLC

5962 Zebulon Rd Suite 302 
Macon, Georgia 31210

Phone: +1 478-238-1661 +1 478-238-1661